Peter Such
UBUNTU I am because of who we all are.
Supporting the 2012 Olympic Legacy—I WILL be positive and endeavour to maintain the Olympians' love of life and its challenges
MALALA—a statement of the failure of religion:
religion that fails to pro-actively promote the absolute equality of male and female is fundamentally immoral and unfit for decent society.
There is no longer Jew or Greek, there is no longer slave or free, there is no longer male and female; for all of you are one in Christ Jesus. (Galatians 3:26-28)
Diversity within unity and change over time is the reality of Creation. -Peter Such, poet and writer (1943–)
Great Berkhamsted
Hertfordshire England
Great Berkhamsted from New Road looking across Kitchener's Field

        Saturday, June 9th, 2018.


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Introductory Comment
Like any web site, this introductory page is simply the front door. Behind this front door is the shambles of a web site undergoing major refurbishment, having been created in the early days of the web's development and then left static due to preoccupation with family and personal concerns, from which diversions I am now picking myself up and dusting myself down!

Who am I?
Just a guy, saying "Hi!" to the world, as anyone else and meandering his way through Life's challenges.

To what extent knowing about a person adds validity to that person's viewpoint, rather than simple relevance to the argument, I'm uncertain but when I was an avid contributor of 'letters to the local press', the papers' readers' requested a biography and picture. This is the role of 'An outline Biography' in the column on the right. I am on Facebook as myself; 'Peewit2' on Twitter because I don't really take these things seriously and 'Postscript' on HWI (Hayley Westenra International) so my own public life did not impinge on that social interchange.

Banging out my views on diverse matters, on a portable typewriter to local papers, presumably created sufficient public awareness to enable me, with a group of friends, to be elected to the Town Council. Eleven of our thirteen became the Town Council! Opening myself up to the digital world brought over 1,000 visitors a week, regularly updating themselves on my views. As a printer, it was easy to change the portable typewriter into the World Wide Web. After all, Sir Tim Berners-Lee also worked on phototypesetting software and why post letters to the press? Press a few more buttons and publish directly to the world!

To Where and How?
Very simply, my Weekly Commentary is simply thoughts on current affairs as they arise. Anything warranting more than a paragraph or two or acts as a continuation of previously raised issues gets its own page. Previously articles were archived and there was a search provision. Whether that is compatible with my mastery of this program and its own technical development is compatible with my server may be another matter! For now, simple interaction with the world at large is my all.

Restructuring the site
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An Outline Biography

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